• System wide Integration


    Stan co-founded Hard Dollar Corporation in 1989, a successful company that has been creating software solutions for heavy construction companies across the country for 19 years and is a repeat winner of Construct techs "Hottest Companies" award (see www.harddollar.com). Stan also produced "Hard Dollar Price" which was the Arizona Technology Council's software product of the year in 2001.  Hard Dollar was purchased by Peter Kiewit in 2014 and renamed InEight.  It currently has hundreds of employees and facilitates Peter Kiewit and others providing construction services world wide.


    Stan founded TBG Software in 2003 to address the software needs of the residential housing market. Since that time, he has expanded the scope of offerings at TBG to include an integrated solution to the home energy audit industry.  He has also spearheaded a broad range of individual construction software projects and contrary to the norm in the software industry, has never failed to deliver a solution to the customer. More than 70% of software projects result in failure and never reach implementation. Stan Marks and his custom software development company, TBG Software has a solid track record of 100% success in its software projects.

  • Construction background


    Before transitioning to the software industry Stan spent 15 years in the “field” completing construction projects.  His last position in construction was as a Project Manager on Department of Energy projects at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State.  He began turning this first hand construction experience into software solutions for construction while in that position.



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